Due to the increasing number of visitors and tourists at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an additional car parking became necessary to accommodate expected vehicle flows, especially during peak seasons.

Working on a brownfield location, existing trees and palms were relocated and utilities were rerouted to allow for the new design which covers 1,266 parking spots. The subtle design includes only two types of hardscape material – gravel and paving. The light grey color of crushed gravel mulch in geogrids combined with the light beige color of interlock pavers has created a gentle landscape scene. Selected shrubs and groundcovers separate two parking lanes and enhance the visual quality of the space and it’s user experience. The overall design is functional and picturesque at the same time

  • Client :Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA)
  • Location :Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Year :2015 - 2016
  • Area :64,000 m2
  • Expertise :Roads and Parking, Landscape, Urban Design
  • Services :Concept to Detail Design, Tender Documentation and Management, Construction Supervision