Sumaysimah Corniche is proposed as a weekend recreation destination for the residents of Doha and other adjacent towns; a relaxing environment with seaside nature and a large variety of beach sports and other outdoor activities.

Main attractions for tourists and residents are a spa resort, restaurant on a terraced hill and chalets oriented towards the open sea. The architectural approach is a contemporary interpretation of the Qatari and Islamic vernacular style, customized to suit a beach setting. Eight entrances to the corniche are adorned with distinct landmarks. Shaded walkways and a jogging track spontaneously lead pedestrians from one area of the corniche to another. One could start from the restaurant on a terraced hill to a central viewing deck, further to a mosque plaza and souk, finally reaching lawn areas hosting events.

  • Client :Qatar Government
  • Location :Doha, Qatar
  • Year :2011
  • Area :150,000 m2
  • Expertise :Landscape, Urban Design, Waterfront, Playgrounds
  • Services :Concept Design