The revival of Khalifa Park is not only about enhancing existing facilities, building images or bringing new attractions, it is about rethinking leisure facilities, to create a family-friendly environment, which can be enjoyed by people of all nationalities and ages.

ICON’s team was inspired by the unique and characteristic formations of the trees inside the park, which were used in the park’s revival design proposal. Amorphic patterns of trees blend into the site creating a forest experience, where visitors can explore and enjoy a forest micro-climate. The design proposal included an adventure park and a unique dome housing a rainforest environment, where visitors can explore the climate and plantation. A master revenue model was also developed to test various revenue models and scenarios.

  • Client :Barari - Forest Management
  • Location :Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Year :2016
  • Area :340,000 m2
  • Expertise :Landscape, Urban Design, Playgrounds
  • Services :Competition, Investment Strategy