ICON consulted Abu Dhabi Municipality on opportunities for enhancing liveability and image of the city from a design and technical point of view. The final outcome was a set of detailed project outlines that could be used as either guidelines for implementing projects or frameworks for drafting Requests for Proposals (RFIs).

After going through a public consultation process, four fields of action were put together as essential for meeting the overall objective of comprehensively upgrading Abu Dhabi’s image. They include: (1) green and open space systems, (2) structural use and architectural appearance, (3) waste handling and mobility, and (4) traffic and transport. They would be carried out by not only the municipality, but multiple stakeholders. Finally, 14 potential project design outlines were drafted based on the probability of being tackled in the near future and having far reaching effects.

  • Client :Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Location :Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Year :2007
  • Area :N/A
  • Expertise :Urban Design, Landscape
  • Services :Consultancy, Guidelines