The Breakwater area in Abu Dhabi is located close to the national theatre and heritage village. It houses some of the most prestigious real estate developments and is also a highly visited tourist destination throughout the year.

ICON designed a National Promenade which promotes and supports the need for an urban open space in this strategic location in Abu Dhabi. It includes a promenade adjacent to the sea whose main feature is a mosaic trail symbolizing beduin movements and camel festivals. Shade structures ensure a comfortable walk to pavilions enclosing cafes and souvenir shops. A major upgrade is the transformation of an existing asphalt vehicular route into paving tiles creating the feeling of a more pedestrian friendly environment. An outdoor amphitheatre would host cultural events, while a water taxi point would increase the accessibility of the area.

  • Client :Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Location :Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Year :2013
  • Area :230,400 m2
  • Expertise :Landscape, Urban Design, Waterfront
  • Services :Competition