After taking first place in an international competition, ICON developed the masterplan and core design ideas for the Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach. Located on the Capital’s main coastline with proximity to the bustling downtown areas, the beach along the Corniche road, were designed to enhance Abu Dhabi’s waterfront facilities and infrastructure. The design incorporates an extensive wooden boardwalk promenade, lush green space, playgrounds, sanitary and service facilities and a central square with cafeterias, restaurants and shops. Even though some of the iconic features and fine detailing in the execution of landscaping and structures were not realized, the overall masterplan idea is exciting, and the Corniche Beach has, since then, established itself as one of the most popular public places in Abu Dhabi.

  • Client :Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Location :Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Year :2006
  • Area :130,000 m2
  • Expertise :Landscape, Urban Design, Water Features, Waterfront
  • Services :Concept Design